When gastronomy is created, it is a complex process. We help to simplify it. Through a holistic approach and end-to-end processes from concept development and planning to investment costs and profitability to transformation into space and atmosphere, F&B Heroes offer a smooth process. And our team works with a network of professionals and various contractors. 

Waltherpark for Signa Holding

Project: conceptual and schematic preliminary design and calculation of gastronomy in project development - neighborhood development project in the heart of Bolzano
Location : Bolzano, Italy
Completion date: 2024

Kaufhaus Stackmann

Project: F&B concept, interior design, architectural planning for Ernst Restaurant
Location : Buxtehude
Completion: 2023

Hausmann's at Frankfurt Airport

Project: Development and project management of an all-day concept at a high-frequency location in collaboration with TV chef Tim Mälzer
Location: Frankfurt Airport
Completion: 2011

PANDOX Immobiliengesellschaft

Project: Preliminary planning of kitchens and goods logistics for Hotel Pomander (formerly Maritim)
Location : Nürnberg
Completion: 2023

Bitburger Braugruppe

Project: Cost estimate and determination for the Benediktiner Weissbräuhaus
Location: Giessen
Completion: 2021

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