Gastro Innovation Investment Club

Investing together for sustainable success: from the industry for the industry

The vision of F&B Heroes is to professionalize the hospitality industry and create a platform for innovation, collaboration and creativity. We want to give you start-ups, founders and creative people the opportunity to implement your ideas and help shape the future of the industry. Dear investors and start-ups, join us and let us shape the future of the hospitality industry together.
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The mission of the Gastro Innovation Investment Club (GIIC) is to work with you to share our experience and expertise with startups to drive sustainable growth and professionalization of the hospitality industry. We believe that as active players in the industry, we should be involved in the most innovative and promising start-ups. After all, we are not only users and insiders, but also drivers and accelerators who can help improve and professionalize the industry.

How does the Gastro Innovation Investment Club work?

The Gastro Innovation Investment Club (GIIC) allows you to invest cooperatively in start-ups and innovative companies. Once a quarter, you have the opportunity to participate in online pitches where new, exciting start-ups introduce themselves. After further in-depth discussions, you can invest in the start-up together with a group of other investors. The F&B Heroes also participate in each investment round.
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Regularly, Di and the other members of the Gastro Innovation Investment Club will be informed by newsletter about ongoing rounds and the development of the start-ups.

The GIIC thus offers you a platform for cooperation and joint investments in promising ventures.

Which startups will be selected?

The Gastro Innovation Investment Club (GIIC) invests in promising start-ups and innovative companies with high growth potential. Our focus is on technology, software and products, while hospitality concepts and hotel projects are not considered. Together, we support early stage companies by investing in angel rounds and early stage phases. Our focus areas include customer experience, automation, robotics, logistics and sustainability.

Are you also interested?

If you would like to learn more about the Gastro Innovation Investment Club, or be part of a pitch session, feel free to email us at


Would you like to benefit from the advantages of participation through the Gastro-Investors and the Gastro Innovation Investment Club (GIIC)? Then you now have the opportunity to apply. The special added value of the GIIC investors is that they not only offer financial support, but also act as experts in the hospitality industry in which you would like to establish your company. They can also support you with their extensive know-how and their far-reaching network.

To give us a first impression of your company, your product or service, and your financing needs, we ask you to fill out our application form.

In addition, we would be pleased if you could send us a short video to give us the opportunity to get to know you better and to gain an insight into your company or your product.

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