Plant Based Transformation Class

Interactive workshop: insights into theory as well as practical work for the transformation to a plant-based kitchen!

with Antje de Vries
Antje de Vries squeezing a lemon
Target group:
A Heroes Class for cooks, restaurateurs, visionaries, skeptics, plant lovers and gastronomic career changers.

The Plant Based Revolution is here to stay - with this Heroes Class you catapult yourself to the top of the movement. A win-win for your guests, the profitability of your business, the environment and you.


The Heroes Class starts at 10h with a plant-based breakfast and the theory part at the big table in the Heroes' Hub in the Galluswarte. (approx. 2 hours) A plant-focused sensory training starts the practical part, which consists of inspiration, technique, practical tips, exchange and cooking together. The enjoyment of the food heralds the end of the seminar, which ends with the presentation of the "Plant based Transformation" certificates around 18h.

Contents Theory:

  • Ecological aspects of our diet - how our food and gastronomy affect the climate, the Planetary Health Diet and how we as gastronomes can make a contribution.
  • Plant-focused nutrition - forms of nutrition, history, future, guests and one's own path.
  • From shelf life to handling - a kitchen full of plants - uncomplicated but complex
  • Plant Based Trends - Algae, Mushrooms, Farming, Substitutes and more.
  • Plant Based Success Stories - Inspirations and Pioneers of the Industry

Contents Practice:

  • Plant sensory science - fine tasting, umami boosting and flavor chopping
  • Plantisfaction - composition of sensually satisfying dishes.
  • Leaf to Root & Zero Waste - Backgrounds, Techniques and Ideas
  • Plant preparation - cooking techniques, flavor development and insider tips.
  • Plant Based Sweets - Desserts and baked goods
  • Plant Based Breakfast - Ideas and impulses for plant-based breakfasts à la carte & banquets
  • Plant kitchen with system - efficient plant kitchen and processes with combi steamer and chiller
  • Fermentation - introduction, techniques and integration into the professional kitchen

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