Kitchen with Sytem Class

Interactive workshop: The Heroes Class brings you more structure, more efficient processes, better products and more predictability in the kitchen!

with Antje de Vries and Uwe Plappert
Antje and Uwe cooking 1
Antje and Uwe cooking 2
New framework conditions and new concepts bring new challenges for the sustainable profitability of gastronomic businesses and the work in the kitchen. Solution- and process-oriented in a concise theory and comprehensively in the kitchen practice, we bring together new structures, technologies and processes for more success into play, which always have the employees, the product and the environment in focus.

Target group:
A workshop for users, decision-makers, employees, cooks, kitchen assistants and owners

The Plant Based Revolution is here to stay - with this Heroes Class you catapult yourself to the top of the movement. A win-win for your guests, the profitability of your business, the environment and you.


The Heroes Class starts at 10h with a snack and the theory part at the big table in the Heroes' Hub in the Galluswarte in Frankfurt. The common start of the production in the kitchen starts the practical part, which consists of inspiration, technique, process design, practical tips, exchange and cooking. The joint enjoyment of the dishes heralds the end of the seminar, which ends with the handover of the "Kitchen with System" certificates at around 18h.

Contents Theory:

  • First Principle Thinking in the kitchen - a new way of thinking for more freedom in the kitchen
  • Technology - How hardware and software provide safety for people, products and hygiene
  • Production & Finishing - Process design in everyday kitchen life

Contents Practice:

  • Rethinking processes - preparing products in a new way
  • Workflow - creating conditions and designing processes
  • Production - methods of preparation and preservation
  • Plant kitchen with system - efficient plant kitchen and processes with combi steamer and chiller
  • Finishing - Flow, Tools, Hacks and Style
  • From à la carte to banquet - designing, replicating and communicating smart processes

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